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HRCNRGY was born to revolutionize how companies get things done through empowered workforces.
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Rene Moore

René Moore

Senior Employee Experience Manager

Certified HR professional with an expertise in general HR Management with small to mid-size private equity and venture capital organizations.

I love designing and implementing solutions that help HR teams and business owners. I am thankful that every day I get to strengthen companies and increase profitability by challenging traditional workplace policies and practices. I love being a part of their synergy and HRCNRGY.

HRCNRGY is here to bridge the gap

A veteran human resources manager from corporate America noticed the staggering statistic we all know to well; 85% of people hate their jobs. For midsize businesses with 100s or thousands of employees, employee dissatisfaction can cost thousands or millions in lost revenue.


If you are a human resources manager or business owner get support to radically improve employee job satisfaction which in turn saves your company money, builds loyalty, and skyrocket productivity.

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